Tresor In Love by Lancome - Eau De Parfum


Tresor In Love by Lancome

Top Notes: Nectarine, Peach, Sour pear
Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine
Base notes: Cedarwood

Gender: Women
Item location : Azerbaijan

Tresor In Love is a fruity floral fragrance for women. It is a more modern and lighter interpretation of the fragrance’s iconic 1990 namesake, loved by women across the globe. The scent opens with sweet pear, juicy nectarine, spicy pink pepper and clean bergamot. The strength of the heart comes from taif rose. This note imparts a hint of tea to its soft, romantic, powdery bouquet. It is joined by additional middle notes of juicy peach, sensuous jasmine and earthy violet. The scent rests of a base of warm, woody base of Virginia cedar and musk.

Perfumers Dominique Ropion and Veronique Nyberg created this perfume for Lancome, who launched it in 2010. This is a versatile scent with moderate longevity and sillage. It is soft enough for daytime wear and yet possesses enough intrigue for evening wear. This pleasant fragrance wears well in any season, making it a great everyday perfume.

* Fimaron is in no way affiliated with original manufacturer of this fragrance. Our progress is simply to purchace perfume oils make from them fragrance and hand decant them in to our own bottles. You will not be recieving the original manufacturer’s bottles or packaging. You will be recieving a professionally labeled bottle indicating what has been decanted. We believe this an exellent way for our customers to try as many different kinds of hard of find fragrances as  they’d like. The image for to give the buyer an impression of the fragrance.


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