Santal Royal by Guerlain - Eau De Parfum


Santal Royal by Guerlain

Top Notes: Neroli, Jasmine
Heart Notes: Peach, Rose, Cinnamon
Base notes: Sandalwood, Leather, Amber, Oud, Musks.

Gender: Unisex
Item location : Azerbaijan

Santal Royal Perfume by Guerlain, Santal Royal is a beautifully layered fragrance with an arresting depth. The perfume, released in 2014, envelops you in a warm blanket of rich ingredients. Sweet neroli starts the aromatic experience with a dazzling citrus scent. It is followed by seductive jasmine petals, both soft and plush. They lend a dreamy sense of romance to the motif. Luscious peach brightens the middle as velvety rose and cinnamon add a dash of piquant spice. The finish is decidedly sensuous, with sandalwood, oud, musk, and leather lingering on the nose. Wear this gorgeous composition to add the essence of luxury to your day.

Guerlain is one of the oldest beauty companies in the world. The French brand was established in 1828 by Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain. The perfumer created original fragrances with his sons Aime and Gabriel. He designed scents for Napoleon, Empress Eugenie, and Queen Victoria, among other royals. Today, the brand also offers skincare and cosmetics

* Fimaron is in no way affiliated with original manufacturer of this fragrance. Our progress is simply to purchace perfume oils make from them fragrance and hand decant them in to our own bottles.  You will not be recieving the original manufacturer's bottles or packaging. You will be recieving a professionally labeled bottle indicating what has been decanted. We believe this an exellent way for our customers to try as many different kinds of hard of find fragrances as  they'd like. The image for to give the buyer an impression of the fragrance.


SKU: 21135-21136  For Unisex