Paris Venise by Chanel - 30 ml, Eau De Toilette

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Paris Venise by Chanel

Top Notes: Citrus, Neroli
Heart Notes: Red berries, Iris, Grasse geranium
Base notes: Cedar, Amber accord, Vanilla

Gender: Unisex
Item location : Azerbaijan

Chanel Paris Venise Perfume by Chanel, Chanel Paris Venise is named after the travels of Gabrielle Chanel in the course of her illustrious career. During her frequent trips to Venice, Chanel was inspired by the dramatic contrasts of the Italian city. Introduced by Chanel in 2018, this perfume opens with a rush of zesty freshness from notes of citrus fruits and a slightly bitter sweetness from neroli flower. The heart of the perfume brings powdery floral accords. Iris is elegant and earthy, while geranium has a powdery, rose-like scent. The base notes of cedar, amber, and tonka bean give the perfume rich warmth to balance out the cooler, refreshing notes. Wear this perfume throughout the spring and summer to feel as if you are traveling to an exotic new city, even if you’re just going to the office.
Chanel is a French fashion powerhouse brand, founded by Gabrielle Chanel in 1910. The brand continues to create popular clothing, jewelry, fragrances, and accessories.

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