Oud Vendome by Ex Nihilo – Eau De Parfum


Oud Vendome by Ex Nihilo

Notes: Saffron, ginger, galbanum, cedar, oud accord, incense, musk.

Gender: Unisex
Item location : Azerbaijan

There's no question that oud is the "it" ingredient of modern perfumery, but so many oud scents are so content to re-hash the tried-and-true combinations that we can't help but feel that the "modern" part of it has gotten a bit lost. Not so with Oud Vendôme, a genuinely modern oud that folds the smoky, intensely full-bodied titular ingredient fully into the contemporary Parisian chic style that Ex Nihilo does with such panache.

Oud Vendôme opens with a spicy touch of saffron set against crackling ginger and cinnamon, balanced for the perfect burst of fresh, modern energy. The heart and soul of the fragrance is the robust agarwood (oud) accord, its richness and depth perfectly complemented by earthy galbanum and fresh, noble cedar, which keep Oud Vendôme feeling powerful, musky, sensual and vibrant, with a truly chic European presence. Urban, youthful and 100% Parisian, Oud Vendôme is a east-meets-west stunner.

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SKU: 21020-21021  For Unisex