Not a Parfum by Juliette Has A Gun - Eau De Parfum


Not a Parfum by Juliette Has A Gun

Top Notes: Cetalox

Gender: Women
Item location : Azerbaijan

Launched in 2010, this anti-fragrance has one ingredient and one ingredient only: Ambroxan, a type of ambroxide that usually takes a supporting role in fragrances, nestled comfortably in the base notes. It was originally created by the Swiss fragrance and flavor company Firmenich in the 1950s as a more affordable substitute for ambergris, and it has a fresh, crisp, powdery scent that evokes tobacco and clean laundry. Not a Perfume is a clean, inviting, truly post-modern fragrance. Because of its unique composition, it includes zero allergens. It's packaged in a simple, sleek white bottle adorned with silvery leaves.

French perfume company Juliette Has a Gun was founded in 2006 by Romano Ricci, the great-grandson of legendary designer Maria "Nina" Ricci, and the grandson of Nina's partner in perfume, Robert. The label is known for its commitment to both traditionalism and provocation. Ricci designs all of the brand's fragrances himself and was awarded with the Special Prize of the Board at the 2011 French Fragrance Foundation's FiFi Awards

* Fimaron is in no way affiliated with original manufacturer of this fragrance. Our progress is simply to purchace perfume oils make from them fragrance and hand decant them in to our own bottles.  You will not be recieving the original manufacturer's bottles or packaging. You will be recieving a professionally labeled bottle indicating what has been decanted. We believe this an exellent way for our customers to try as many different kinds of hard of find fragrances as  they'd like. The image for to give the buyer an impression of the fragrance.

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