Mojave Ghost by Byredo - Eau De Parfum

SKU: 20539-20540  For Unisex

Mojave Ghost by Byredo

Top Notes: Ambrette seed, Sapodilla fruit
Heart Notes: Violet, Sandalwood, Magnolia
Base notes: Ambergris, Cedarwood

Gender: Unisex
Item location : Azerbaijan

Byredo Mojave Ghost Perfume by Byredo, Launched in 2014, Byredo Mojave Ghost brings together several unique notes to create something wholly unique. This blend gives the perfume a certain air of mystery. It opens with scents of sapodilla and musk mallow. Magnolia, sandalwood and violet make up the heart of the composition. Cedar and ambergris are located in the base. This fragrance is suitable for women and men alike, making it an excellent unisex aroma for any occasion.

From the parent company Manzanita Capital, Byredo is a famous Swedish fragrance brand. It is a niche designer, and it was founded by Ben Gorham in 2006. The company has its base in Stockholm, Sweden. Gorham used to be a basketball player, but he honed his talents in perfumery by studying at The School of Arts in Stockholm. Gorham met Pierre Wulff, another famous perfumer, while studying, and the collaboration heavily influenced Gorham's style. Mojave Ghost is a complex fragrance, making it an excellent addition to the brand's catalog

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