Midnight Special by Ex Nihilo – Eau De Parfum


Midnight Special by Ex Nihilo

Notes: Black pepper, cinnamon, saffron, rose, rose jelly accord, grapefruit, oud, patchouli, vanilla.

Gender: Unisex
Item location : Azerbaijan

In the enchanting world of traditional Arabian perfumery, a mukhallat is a perfume created from a blend of pure fragrance oils, perfected over centuries but still open to the creator's personal touch. With Midnight Special, Olivier Pescheux transposes the mukhallat to a more Parisian format- the eau de parfum- keeping the focus on exceptional natural materials, but re-imagining it as a nocturnal elixir, with traditional elements of oud, rose, patchouli and spice given a cosmopolitan twist with a unique accord of rose jelly. The results are dynamic- dark, sensually smoky oud and luscious florals shine through, but the mouthwatering jelly accord, with its strong grapefruit facets, invigorates and energizes the heart notes, making an ancient formula feel vitally youthful. And a deep, rich and evocative base of oud and smooth, balanced vanilla lasts for untold hours, ensuring that the wearer will be turning heads well into the morning. Exotic, stylish and drop dead sexy, Midnight Special is a cross-cultural knockout that may inspire you to do some nighttime mingling of your own.

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SKU: 21035-21036  For Unisex