M7 Oud Absolu by Yves Saint Laurent – Eau De Parfum


M7 Oud Absolu by Yves Saint Laurent

Top Notes: Mandarin Orange, Mineral Notes
Heart Notes: Oud, Patchouli
Base notes: Rockrose, Myrrh, Amber Notes

Gender: Men
Item location : Azerbaijan

M7 Oud Absolu Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent, Indulge in something simple yet elegant with M7 Oud Absolu, a desirable men’s fragrance. This charming aroma is made of but few ingredients, though each packs a punch that makes the entire combination something to be respected. The top note of mandarin orange lends the citrus luminosity that’s vibrant, bright and clean. Heady patchouli as the middle note infuses the scent with an earthy, sensual quality that’s still inherently natural and invigorating. Completing the fragrance are base notes of French labdanum, agarwood (oud) and exotic myrrh for a tantalizing, exotic finish that’s intoxicating and pure, a perfect addition to any modern man’s daily regimen.

Designed in a square glass flacon with a black veneer showing only subtle hints of the gold liquid beneath, this fragrance’s bottle is just as classic and stunning as the cologne within. It was released in 2011 by the illustrious fashion house of Yves Saint Laurent, who have launched nearly 200 fragrances since the 1960s

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