Laser Allergy Treatment Kit

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Principle of treatment:

Laser Rihinitis therapeutic apparatus is based on modern medicine and clinical practice research and development of semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument, the instrument adopts the semiconductor Light  produce wavelength of 660 nm,8-12 mw low visible laser intensity, irradiation treatment to the nasal cavity, activate blood physiology


1. Improve the rheology of blood cells,  improve red blood cells, biological activity, reduce platelet aggregation, so that the blood rheology

2.  Reduce blood viscosity, blood fat, cholesterol, dilate blood vessels, adjust blood pressure, improving microcirculation, obvious effect on preventing thrombosi

3.Super low intensity light can also activate certain receptors, produce photochemical effect, make the blood gases and nutrients metabolism increases, It is good for blood to  carry oxygen metabolism,improve body oxygen and nutrition supply


1. Adopts low-level laser irradiation which is painless, non-invasive, no side effects and has good repid effects 

2. The instrument do not contain pharmaceutical and chemical component. Laser treatment fundamentally enhance the detoxifying capacity and immunocompetence 

3. It's a household portable instrument 

4. Laser head jackets to make the treatment more cleaner and healthier 

5. Power: 9v battery(not include the battery) 

How to use:

1. Remover the battery cover;

2. Put 1* 9V Alkaline battery into the battery box;

3. Connect the wire and the device ;

4. Take Off the small pin cover before you use. Put the rubber nose clip into nose, make sure 2 light point into the nose about 1 cm to 1.5 cm depth;

5. The Green light keep lighting shows working normal, if it is flashing, shows operation failure( Low batery, or the wire didn't put in a correct way).

6. The Green light will auto-turn off after one treatment session is over (15 minutes).

7. Use it 1 session a day.

How to clean:

1. Use a soft close to clean the light point, please don't immersed in water.

2. Disinfection: The light point can disinfected by 70 percentage of alcohol. 

3. Protect: Please don't use the some device for different person.