Incense & Cedrat by Jo Malone - Eau De Parfum




Incense & Cedrat by Jo Malone

Top Notes: Elemi, Lemon, Pepper
Heart Notes: Dhofar frankincense
Base notes: Cypress, Labdanum, Benzoin.

Gender: Unisex
Item location : Azerbaijan

Jo Malone Incense & Cedrat is a balsamic and woody fragrance for women by Jo Malone. Introduced in 2015, this fragrance is ideal for a woman who wants to present an air of mystery about her. The top note is cedrat, a citrus fruit that is similar to lemon, giving the fragrance an initially bright zingy quality. The heart of the fragrance is incense, with its intoxicating smokiness. At the base of the fragrance are a combination of woods, such as elemi and benzoin, giving the fragrance a resinous twist. The result is a fragrance that is oriental and aromatic.

Jo Malone was founded by Joanne Lesley Malone in London during the mid 1990s. She initially created her scents as part of her job as a facialist, but as word spread of her fabulous scents, she turned her focus to manufacturing perfumes. She opened her first storefront in 1994. Jo Malone is a luxurious and upscale brand. It is known for using unexpected combinations of scents, as well as creating products that can be layered or blended. The scents are quintessentially British – understated, chic and refined.

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SKU: 21261-21262  For Unisex