Hindu Grass by Nasomatto - Eau De Parfum

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Hindu Grass by Nasomatto

Notes: Grass, Patchouli, Tobacco, Green notes, Woods, Herbs

Gender: Men
Item location : Azerbaijan

Hindu Grass perfume by Nasomatto was designed to bring a little warmth and affection into the world. Upon spraying it at the base of your neck, you will immediately be greeted with grassy overtones and patchouli notes. Nasomatto is a fragrance brand based out of the Netherlands. Alessandro Gualtieri had a hand in creating all of the perfumes under the brand’s umbrella, and he believes fragrances are designed to have a life of their own.

Alessandro Gualtieri helped create Hindu Grass. He received his training from a German institute and after spending time studying with the masters, he moved onto his own visions. During that time, he helped develop fragrances for Versace, Fendi and various other brands. Gualtieri holds the philosophy that humans’ sensory perceptions are what drive all human interaction. He strives to create scents that will create a real mood for the wearer.

* Fimaron is in no way affiliated with original manufacturer of this fragrance. Our progress is simply to purchace perfume oils make from them fragrance and hand decant them in to our own bottles.  You will not be recieving the original manufacturer's bottles or packaging. You will be recieving a professionally labeled bottle indicating what has been decanted. We believe this an exellent way for our customers to try as many different kinds of hard of find fragrances as  they'd like. The image for to give the buyer an impression of the fragrance.

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