Gold Knight by Kilian – Eau De Parfum


Gold Knight by Kilian

Top Notes: Bergamot, Star anise
Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Honey
Base notes: Vanilla, Patchouli

Gender: Men
Item location : Azerbaijan

Gold Knight Perfume by Kilian, Gold Knight was launched in 2017 and features a woody scent with a base note of patchouli. This fragrance offers an Oriental twist of spiciness on an old favorite by adding top notes of zesty bergamot and anise. The complexity of this unique scent is even more special by the use of middle notes of vanilla and honey, which provide a touch of delicateness and softness to the fragrance. Gold Knight is a rather long-lasting scent that can take you from morning to evening effortlessly. The refined fragrance comes in a heavy glass flacon with a gold top.

By Kilian is a brand out of Paris and was created by Kilian Hennessy, the grandson of the well-known founder of Lvmh Group. Hennessy launched his perfume house in 2007 and has continued to bring luxury fragrances to the world. The company has introduced three fragrance collections, along with limited editions for many of its perfumes and colognes.

* Fimaron is in no way affiliated with original manufacturer of this fragrance. Our progress is simply to purchace perfume oils make from them fragrance and hand decant them in to our own bottles.  You will not be recieving the original manufacturer's bottles or packaging. You will be recieving a professionally labeled bottle indicating what has been decanted. We believe this an exellent way for our customers to try as many different kinds of hard of find fragrances as  they'd like. The image for to give the buyer an impression of the fragrance.

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