Flora by Gucci

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Flora by Gucci

Top Notes: Citrus, Peony
Heart Notes: Rose, Osmanthus
Base notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood

Gender: Women
Item location : US

Flora, released in 2010, is a fresh, optimistic perfume for the classic young woman. Its light, feminine scent pairs beautifully with a warm day or a balmy evening. Peony and notes of citrus open the scent, both sugary and sparkling. Rose and osmanthus form the romantic middle notes. Rich and velvety, with an undertone of spicy clove, they elicit a youthful enthusiasm for life. The base notes are sandalwood and patchouli, finishing the perfume with a smooth, cozy warmth. Glamourous and elegant, this perfume enchants all those lucky enough to experience its lovely aroma.
Guccio Gucci founded his luxury fashion brand in Florence, Italy in 1921. The company originally manufactured leather goods such as shoes and purses, as well as apparel items including knits and silks.

This product is original, authentic name brand.