Avant Garde by Maison Micallef

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Avant Garde by Maison Micallef

Notes: bergamot, grapefruit, cocoa bean, tobacco, incense, Russian leather, tonka bean, grey amber.

Gender: Men
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Micallef's spicy, honeyed rendition of precious aoud, with its mix of golden saffron and dark-red roses, is sensual and wonderfully exotic. The dry smokiness of the fragrance makes us think of the ritual in Arabia, in which women stand over an oud burner, perfuming their skin and clothes with the unique, enthralling fragrance. Balmily sweet and spicily bitter, Micallef's Aoud is a complex, endlessly intriguing scent. It is said that sandalwood is the fragrance for novices, while aoud is for those “in the know”. Micallef's refined creation is our treat for true connoisseurs.

NoLes exclusifs collection is a journey between East and West, inspired by encounters, legends, and customs. Fragrances containing fragrant treasures, perfectly sublimating the elegance of flowery and spicy scents mingled with the power of majestics ingredients.

Avant-Garde, an elegant and original fragrance with a fascinating balance of freshness and sensuality. The fresh notes of bergamot and grapefruit open on an intense heart of cocoa, tobacco and incense. The background notes of Tonka and Russian leather bring an olfactory richness.

This product is original, authentic name brand.