Aoud Flowers by Montale - Eau De Parfum


Aoud Flowers by Montale

Top Notes: Rose absolute, Geranium, Gaiac wood, Teak wood, Sicilian bergamot, Musk

Gender: Men
Item location : Azerbaijan

Montale Aoud Flowers Perfume by Montale, Montale Aoud Flowers was released in 2008 and serves as a versatile fragrance suitable for men or women. This scent works well when the fall and winter months start to bring a chill to the air. The main accords are oud, fresh spicy and woody. While you can wear it during the day, the scent becomes something special at night. The fragrance centers around rose and geranium flowers that mix with the fullness of Guaiac and teak wood. A beautiful Sicilian bergamot hints around the edges of the scent, and it finishes with musk and oud.

Pierre Montale founded his eponymously named company in 2003 in Paris, France. He spent several years living in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai where he designed fragrances for nobility and the royal family. Upon returning home he began to meld Arabian influences into Parisian perfume making. He is perhaps best known for helping popularize oud in the European market.

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