Absinth by Nasomatto


Absinth by Nasomatto

Notes: Green Notes, Vetiver, Wormwood

Gender: Men
Item location : US

Absinth Perfume by Nasomatto, Absinth by Nasomatto evokes the mystery surrounding this anise and fennel based alcohol. Unlike other scent profiles, the wormwood and other aromas don't overpower the green smell of absinth. The bitter notes are softened by fresh spices and earthiness. Get a moderate amount of use from one application of this mild smell. Arouse the interest of an entire room with this flirty aroma meant to stimulate wild behavior.

Based in the Netherlands, Nasomatto is an up-and-coming perfume company selling to the whole world. Absinth is just one of their nearly a dozen scents aimed to awaken your senses and create provocative situations. Artistry is their main goal and you can even schedule a tour to see the process at work.

This product is original, authentic name brand.


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