02 L'air Du Desert Marocain by Tauer - Eau De Toilette


02 L'air Du Desert Marocain by Tauer

Top Notes: Coriander and cumin, carefully blended with petitgrain.
Heart Notes: A warm heart note with rock rose and a hint of jasmine.
Base notes: Dry cedar woods and vetiver, brilliantly joined on a fine ambergris background.

Gender: Unisex
Item location : Azerbaijan

Imagine finding peace in a room, lying on the bed, exhausted from the heat of the day, with the window open, letting the cool air in which still is very dry and filled with the scents from the near desert and overlayed with the spicy scents of the streets below.' - Andy Tauer

L'Air du Desert Marocain is the scent of desire, inspired by the fragrant world of the Maghreb desert, powerful, sensual and pure. It's a dry, resinous cedar scent, rounded out with rock rose and jasmine, and hints of typical Moroccan spices such as coriander, cumin and petitgrain. A unisex scent, the cedar and vetiver base notes hover over a fine amber background. We are in love with this exotic beauty by Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer.

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